Saturday, December 4, 2010

Convertible Hat

I whipped this up for my dear friends' daughter. With winter here and her having to walk the dogs and living right by the river I thought the young girl could use something like this. This is a hat that can be untied and worn as a cowl. The cowl can be worn just around the neck or up over the nose and mouth.
I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did. If you make it and find any errors please share them with me.
Convertible Hat/Cowl

sz 11 16" circular needles
sz k crochet hook
tapestry needle
1 skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky ( have also done this with pattern with Thick and Quick yarn and used 50 sts and instead of k4 in the 4th and 37th rows I did k3)

Cast on 60 sts
r1- join and knit place marker and join
r2-3- purl
r4- *yo, k2tog, k4* rep around
r5-10- knit
r11-12- purl
r13-19- knit
r20-21- purl
r22-28- knit
r29-30- purl
r31-36- knit
r37- *yo, k2tog, k4* rep around
r38-39 purl
r40- knit
bind off and weave in ends

With crochet hook and yarn chain 2 drawstring long enough to go around the hat and tie in a bow.

Thread drawstrings through the eyelets. when worn as a hat the top drawstring is drawn to close up the top of the hat and tied in a bow. I tied the bottom drawstring in a loose bow as well. when worn as a cowl untie top of hat and slip down into place and tie loose bows.
Copyright 2010 Kimberly Bullock
Enjoy. Feel free to knit this for personal use. Do not sell the hat or pattern.

Monday, November 8, 2010


I have just completed a wonderful project, a Christmas stocking. But not just any stocking. This one has a story behind it. The original stocking was knit 48 or 49 years ago. The owner had a couple others made over the years and is now
expecting a granddaughter and wanted one for her. She had a rough pattern and chart with no symbols just a picture. I worked from both of them to recreate the family stocking.
I think I did a pretty good job. This was my first real project with intarsia, I have played with it before but had never done anything bigger. This was also my first successful attempt at duplicate stitch. I have tried it before but was never really happy with how it looked. This time I am very pleased.

In the pictures the original stocking is on the left and mine is on the right. The last picture shows the duplicate stitched name.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Goodbye Angel. You gave us many years of companionship, love and protection. You were a very sweet, loving, funny little girl. Our lives will be different without you here to share with.
Late last night our sweet little girl left us to cross the rainbow bridge. She is pictured here with Frank. Angel is the black and red doxie, front and center.
She was almost 12 yrs old. She loved Hartz hot dogs for her toy, she refused to play with any other squeaker toy. She was not fond of bones or raw hides, but give her a hot dog and she was all over it.
She was known as "killer" because she killed a truck inner tube that is used for floating the river. She was very protective, especially of Crystal.
She came into our home on Christmas morning 1998. She was a dream come true for Crystal.
She is now resting peacefully next to her dad in our backyard.
Goodbye baby girl, we will miss you terribly.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


On Sept 25 hubby and I spent the day at the coast. There is so much to see and do on the Oregon coast. I love walking the waterfronts of the tiny towns that dot the coast. The best part is depending on which town you can buy fresh seafood right off the boat. you get the best prices buying off the boats from the fishermen and know that the fish and crabs are fresh.

The above video was taken in Charleston. The seal was waiting for the fisherman to feed him some tuna scraps. He was great fun to watch. The seals have no problem getting right up to the edge of the slip and snorting on you. Below you sill see pictures of the rest of our day. We had a nice time just being together and enjoy the beauty of the coast.

Monday, September 27, 2010


I have been knitting alot lately. Ok no more than normal, it just seems like it since I have so many projects going at once. I have managed to finish a couple things and wanted to share them.
First up the last KAL from the Knook, it is a great dishcloth that is covered in butterflies. Very pretty. The color is way off in the picture, I used a nice Burgundy cotton.

The next is a baby hat and sweater. Hubby came home on Wednesday and told me that we were in invited to a baby shower for a friends' daughter on Saturday. Oops, better get knitting, oh wait heading to the coast on Saturday, but still better get knitting. Thursday I cast on for the sweater, finished the body, then Friday finished off the sleeves. Woohoo mostly done, just make the hat, 2 hours on Sunday and sew on the delivered to Grandma today. Not bad, pretty proud of the timeline.

I used Bernat Baby Jacquard in I am a Big Boy colorway.

The pattern is from entitled Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater Designed by Carole Barenys. Very easy to make, the only problem was the pattern doesn't state how long to make the sleeves, so I had to search for the typical length. Other than that great pattern. I have saved it for future use.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I am working on the Shetland Pi Shawl from Wendy Johnson. She was so kind to design this pattern and offer it as a KAL.
I wavered on if I was going to knit it or not and then had several friends jump in so I followed. I am so glad I did. I am loving this pattern and enjoying the process of knitting this shawl.
Pictured is parts 1-3. I just finished the last of part 3 this afternoon. I thought now would be a great time to take a progress picture. I really like how the yarn is striping up as well as the colors.
The picture doesn't show the colors well but trust me it is beautiful. A wonderful selection of pinks, pale, medium and bright, then a nice cream and then a color i am not sure what it is. In one light it looks black and gray in another light it looks like browns and then in the sun it looks like purple. Either way it looks great.
Project info:
Pattern available at
yarn Mary Maxim Mohair Glitter
needles size 6 24" circular, now on a 48" circular

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Set

I have a dear friend who is expecting her first great grandbaby. I had to knit something special for this special bundle of joy on her way. I looked and looked all over the web until I found the perfect little sweater to knit. Then I found a pair of knit pants and incorporated the cable pattern into the legs. Then I had to make booties, you can't have a sweater and pants without booties. Then of course you have to have a hat because winter is coming so I designed a hat to match the sweater and pants. Oh and I also knit a matching hat for the mom.

I put a lot of love and thought into this little set. I am really pleased with it and know that it is going to wonderful little bundle of joy. It should be in the mail this weekend, woohoo.

Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Baby in sweeetpea and white
Patterns: Sweater Lion Brand Heirloom Cables Baby Sweater
Pants Lion Brand Cabled Baby Set
Booties Knitting on The Net, Two Needle Cable Baby Booties Knitting Pattern

Monday, August 23, 2010


I entered 5 items in the fair this year.
Over all I did fairly well. I received 4 ribbons and a donor award.
Scott's zip front cardigan- First place
Swirl shawl - Second place
Crocheted shopping bag - Third place
Chicken (aka-Ms. Thing)- Third place and Donor award
Sipalu bag- did not place.
The only one I am really disappointed in and still trying to figure out is the Sipalu bag. After seeing the items it was up against I just don't understand the ruling but will accept it as being so. I do wish that our fair would do as others and allow us to be present for the judging and maybe even give you a critique sheet. It hink that the feed back would be wonderful.
I will just have to try harder next year. Actually Scott and I have talked about it and we think that one of us will be entering some of our photographs and maybe some baked good. Yep, hubby is thinking of entering his mouth watering, melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I have completed the Swirl Shawl from Jojoland.
The pattern can be found at

I had started this for the Knit Olympics and fell short of finishing it by the closing ceremonies. Then hubby suggested that I finish it for the fair. I pulled her out last week or so and started working on her. I cast off the last swirl and wove in my last end last night. Today I washed and blocked it and have to say that I am very pleased with how she turned out.

The pattern say it should be 68" x 20". Well mine came out 65" x 21". I wish I had taken a before blocking picture, you would not believe the difference in the size. The swirls pop much better blocked. Wish her luck she will be headed to the fair in a couple weeks.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ms. Thing

I just made a chicken!!!! Ok, so I knit her up.
This is an Alan Dart pattern, I used odd and ends for the yarn.
She was a lot of fun to make. She will be going to my Mom after she makes her appearance at our county fair.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


On Monday we took off for Odell Lake, nestled atop Willamette Pass. We took the boat, a couple tents, couple coolers of food and spent several days in the woods camping next to the lake. We had a great trip once we got there.
A little about Odell Lake. It is very deep at 282 ft deep at the deepest point. It is 6 miles long and 1.5 miles wide. This is a lake that sees all forms of water sports, from fishing, to skiing, to wind surfing. But no matter what you do you are surrounded by pure beauty every where you look.

Diamond Peak still covered with snow...taken from the boat.
We had a scary moment on the way up the mountain. We had stopped to use the restroom and found that we had lost 3 lug nuts and ruined a rim on the boat trailer. We changed the tire to the spare and headed back into the town we had just left and an had the trailer fixed. We might have made it another 15 or 20 miles before we lost the tire and had a wreck. Boy were we lucky.
The Kokanee(fish) were supposed biting and people were supposed to be getting great catches for the day. Hmmm, not quite what we found once we got there.

See we really did try to catch some fish.
We would hit the lake by 6:30 or 7 each morning and head back in to land around noon. There were a couple days that the wind picked up earlier than normal so it was best to head in before the normal 2 pm. Most people that fish Odell know to be back on land by 2 pm, because the winds pick up and the waves get big and choppy.

Our camp site...the big tent, before the tarp went on.
On Wednesday afternoon, Scott had gone to the dock to fish. He was gone for maybe an hour when he came back saying a storm was coming. So we put the tarp over the big tent and got the firewood tarped. Boy did it rain, great big huge pea sized drops. It was over almost as soon as it came. I was just glad to have had the tarp in place.

This is the view from our small tent...that is the lake just beyond the trees.
The rest of the weather was well, mixed. We had a couple really cold nights, 38 for a low, not the best when camping in a tent. We had highs of mid 70's and beautiful blue skies. The worst part was that wind, 25 to 30 mph winds can really make building a fire rough. Heck the first night it took an hour an half to make a pot of coffee on the camp stove. But because of the winds we spent the evenings in the middle of the big tent playing dice and talking, great quality time for us.
Our little visitor in action.
We had a couple little visitors each day. The chipmunks would come and see if Frank left food in his dish and then would steal what was left. On Friday morning we shared peanuts with them. We would toss them out and watch the little guys come ans carry them off. Once in a while they would eat them right there in our campsite. They sure were fun to watch.
We had a sailboat on the lake as well as the normal fishing boats. I was in awe of the gracefulness it displayed scooting across the water. The captain did have a rough time getting it out of the slip and banged the dock several times, but once it was under way it was almost magical watching it sail around.
Sunset from our camp pretty
While I was ready to come home I really wanted to stay even longer. I forgot how fun camping can be. Maybe next time we will actually catch some fish ;)
Looking straight up the trees.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Our wonderful doxie, Frank likes to hop when he plays ball. This evening I tried to get some video of our little hopper. It isn't the best but it is good for a giggle. You really should see this little guy in action, I think he's part antelope.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I found the cutest little reusable bag this morning. So I set about making a practice one and will be making more. I have a couple changes I want to make to the construction, but other than that it is perfect. So this weekend I am off to find the perfect fabric for a girl I know and make her one for her Birthday. This is so small it will fit in just about any purse...woohoo.
The pattern and instructions can be found here...
It is very easy to make and takes very little time once you get going. I used scrap fabric we had left over from other things and an old drawstring for the pull cord.
Oh and it is wrinkled from being folded up...oops should have ironed before taking pictures. Not that it will ever get ironed

Monday, May 17, 2010


I started this shawl shortly after I fractured my wrist and really couldn't knit much. I decided I needed a light weight project that was easy to knit and could be put down and easy enough to figure out where I was when I picked it up again.
I knit this for a dear friend of mine. She has taught me to expand my horizons, to try lace and is always
encouraging me. We have spent many hours talking and sharing our lives. When I really needed someone to talk to this last year she was there no matter what. I wanted to say thank you in a special way. Little did I know she would need a hug real soon. I finished the knitting last night and had started the blocking this morning, great timing.
I used Caron Spa in Ocean Spray and used size 9 needles. I love the yarn, it is a bit splitty, but if you use sharp tipped needles all is fine. The pattern I got off Ravelry. I am so glad that I made this shawl and can see myself making it again. I would use it as a break project, you know a project to work on when you need a break from everything else on your needles.
Dear Friend, if you are reading this your mail :).

Monday, May 10, 2010


My daughter moved out about 3 weeks ago. That left us with an empty room. I had had a girly room a couple years ago when my son moved out, but then he moved home and I was room less. I now have a room of my own again....woohoo.
This time I went more grown up. The pictures don't show the color well, it is a nice soft yellow, frosted lemon by Berh paint with white in the closet and the window. The chair is my great find off craigslist....$5.00 and the bookcase was $20.00, it is going to get stained the same color as the baseboards and the shelves. All I have to do is finish moving the rest of my yarn and knitting supplies in there and hubby needs to hang more shelves and the room is done. The window topper is actually my Great-Grandmothers' table cloth just laid across the curtain rod and tied up with lace/bead ribbon. Oh and the painting on the wall, the only picture in there, was my Mother's Day gift from DD. She painted it for me, her best work yet. The black shelves you see next to the chair is coming out, it just won't work.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here for a short time

Our "adopted" son has been here for the last week and a half. He is just returning from Afghanistan, this was his 3 tour of duty. While it was great to see him and spend some time with him it is sad to see him go. I hugged my "son" like there was no tomorrow when he left this evening. I am unusually tearful tonight and know that it is because of him leaving. There is nothing like sending a kid off to make a mom cry. He is heading over to see his dad and family then back to CA for new training then back to Afghanistan for a year.

We have nothing but respect for him and all the men and women fighting in these two wars. My heart breaks to see him leave us for another tour, but I know he is doing what he feels he needs to do.

Please pray for all the men and women in uniform. They don't have to do what they are doing and yet feel the need to serve our country knowing that they may die doing so.

Go safey into the night and return to us in one piece.

Much know there is a home here when ever you need or want one.

Stay safe Sam. We love you with all our hearts.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I really feel like reality bites, a lot, and hard. Not always just sometimes.
So far this year has been not so good. Just about the time I think things are getting better then reality lifts its heads and bites me.

Fighting with the daughter. Step-Father-in-law dying. I fractured my wrist. Fighting with the daughter. Truck broke down and will cost more than I care to mention. Fighting with daughter. And now niece having brain surgery because the procedure to help her with a tumor caused her to bleed out. Oh and did I mention fighting with the daughter?

As you may know I have been working on quitting smoking. I have done pretty darn good. But I caved and am smoking a little here and there. Sometimes the stress is just to much and I want to smoke. I know, smoking doesn't help it just makes things worse, but sometimes there is no reasoning with my smokers mind. I am trying hard to stay on track.

I want to be successful but man it can be hard when reality is biting and biting hard.

My niece will be fine, God was with her and the surgeons last night. The truck will get fixed, after I turn loose of the money and son finds the time to do the work. My wrist is up in the air, doctor is waiting to see what the next step is.

My daughter needs to make a big change in her life, but isn't ready to. Once she has made this change she will be her old sweet loving, caring, kind self. I saw a sign of the daughter I know and love, so she isn't completely gone. But now she is lashing out at others, not just me. She can be b****y to me, but not to the others. I won't stand for this.

Lord help me get her through all this and give me strength not to kill her or the guy she is with. Please open her eyes and let her see what she is doing and who she is hurting. Lord help me not to pick up another cigarette and smoke it. Give me the strength to turn away from them and not look back.

I have enjoyed being cigarette free, well except for the moments of high stress. I can breath, I can taste things, I can smell the fresh air and spring flowers. My breathe is fresh and minty, my clothes smell like my perfume. My hair smells good. I have found that not smoking is not that hard, I have enjoyed not smoking for the most part.

So back at it I go. Can someone make reality take a break for a week or so, please.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So today is day number 9 of my journey of becoming a non smoker. For the most part I feel like I am doing pretty darn good.
Hubby smokes, that really made the weekend harder than I expected, but i sailed through with no stumbles. I won't lie I had some really strong cravings but was able to breath through them.
We went out to eat on Friday night and had some really great food. If there is ever a time a smoker wants a smoke it is after a wonderful meal. I have never understood this but it is the way the addiction works. So after dinner i fought off the craving by going for a short walk.
I even made it through finding out that our truck is going to take more than what we thought to repair it. Someone seems to think stopping is important when in a truck. It isn't the brakes, but the something or other for the anti lock brakes that is keeping the brakes from working correctly. I even managed to handle daughter telling us she is ready to move and has an apartment that she can move in to within a week.....shocked but happy.
I made it through yesterday just fine. All was well the cravings were almost not even there. Woohoo on the right path almost out of the woods.
Then this morning happened. One good yelling at from the son and I caved. Ok, I tried breathing, pointing out that his form of communication was unacceptable, tried talking to hubby, tried gum and I still couldn't fight it, so I had half a cigarette. I know I am still emotional weak and am working on that. Cigarettes have been my emotional crutch for many years, I fell back into old habits. I have picked myself up and brushed myself off and am back on track. Now how does one get the itching to stop.
I still have a lot of work to do on the emotional end of things, but am hanging in there. I need to find a new way to deal with the nasty part of life. I don't think most smokers realize how much they depend on cigarettes in times of stress and discontent.
If anyone is actually reading this and has a good idea for dealing with the emotional side of things PLEASE let me know.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


For a while I am going to use my blog as an aid in becoming a non smoker.
I have smoked on and off since I was 17. This is one of the worst decisions I have ever made, becoming a smoker that is.

On Sunday, Easter Day, I smoked 18 cigarettes. I had my last one right around 10 pm. Monday morning when I woke up, my chest was tight, I was coughing, and I couldn't breathe. I grabbed a cigarette from my pack and went right out the back door. I lit it and took a drag, cough cough cough cough, I put it out and said I was done. At that moment in time I felt weak but very strong at the same time. I knew right then and there that I was meant to be a non-smoker.

Since then I have stumbled twice, once on Monday afternoon and once today. Monday I smoked the entire cigarette and felt horrible. I needed to smoke that one so I could remind myself why I was giving them up. Today, when I stumbled I did it out of pain and anger. My wrist was hurting and I was angry at myself for making my wrist hurt. There are other reasons why I was angry but they really aren't that important. I know the reasons and have talked them over with myself. I only smoke part of that cigarette, once I realized what I was doing I put the thing out. I came in the house, changed my clothing, brushed my teeth and scrubbed my hands.

Once Scott got home from work today I told him what I had done. He was understanding and supportive. He did take the rest of the ones I had laying around and got rid of them for me....out of sight out of mind kind of thing...we will see. I am lucky to have a great supportive husband. When his turn to quit comes I will remember how wonderful he has been for me and try to be just as great for him.

Actually for the most part this has gone pretty well. Tuesday was rough, today was rough but not as bad as Tuesday. I know I will have bumps in the road, we all do in all parts of our lives. I just need to pick myself up, brush myself off and move forward. No looking back and dwelling on my stumbles.

No, I really am not using any aids, the nicotine gum once in a while. I really can't use the aids. I have an allergy to the patch and gum. The pills make me feel crazy. So I am quitting cold turkey with a touch of gum here and there. I am finding myself scratching a lot today, not sure if it is from the gum or from the partial cigarette I smoked earlier. I know that no matter which one it is it is because of my allergy to

I really am ready to be a non-smoker. I am moving forward and will be posting as I make this journey. If you get bored with my posts, move on, if you find inspiration great, keep coming back to read as I progress. Please just remember these posts are for me and a way to help myself. Wish my luck. If you are a smoker and wanting to quit, there is no time like the present, join me on my journey.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ice Queen

I just finished binding off The Ice Queen. The pattern can be found over at Knitty. I used Cascade Yarn Baby Alpaca. I knit version A of the pattern. I really like the end product, the process was a bit of a struggle at first, but once I got going all went well. I also left off the beads. I am still trying to decide if i am keeping it or gifting it to my mom. I am wearing it now trying to make up my mind.
Now I am going to knit the Helena sweater for the older sister.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I finished the baby sweater today. I used the Helena pattern from and Bernat baby Jacquard for the yarn. I will cast on the matching toddler sweater later this week. That will be for the older sister. I still have to find the perfect buttons for both sweaters. I like buttons better than the ties.
When both sweaters are completed then I am making hats for both girls.

Friday, January 15, 2010


My wonderful young niece, that I call Bug, asked me to fix the shrug i made her for Christmas several years ago. The thing was worn with love and falling apart so Auntie to the rescue, I made her a new one.
I love the colorway of this yarn. It really reminds me of her eyes. Wish I could have gotten a better picture. Red Heart Super Saver colorway:ocean, the pattern is from Berroco, Rena. The great thing about this little shrug is she can wear two different ways. Seam on the shoulders or down below the arms. She really liked it, that is the important thing.

I started Mr. Greenjeans way last summer. I had the issue with my arm that made it very painful to knit. He was put on the back burner even when I was able to knit again because he just weighed to much. In November I pulled the lovely sweater out of the bag and got busy finishing it. I am glad I did. I have worn it several times and love how it fits and feels. I might make this pattern again, not sure, but if I do i will be using a natural fiber so that I can properly block it. Yarn is Caron Simply Soft in Berry.

I have admired the Clapotis for a long time, it has been on my must do one day list every since I saw. So I went for it. I wish I could show a better picture but there is no one here to take a picture of me with it so the floor is the model. The color is more like the second picture midpoint. I used Cascade Sierra in color #06, salmon. I really like the yarn and will be looking to get more of it. I am planning on knitting this pattern again....the ripping of the stitches is so much fun....frogging with a purpose.

Okay so this one isn't completed but I wanted to share. Dear Son's friends are having a baby so I am knitting a sweater. This is Helena from Knitty. The yarn is Bernat Jacquard in Berries and Cream. I am planning on making the older sister a matching sweater. I hope the parents like the sweaters and hats when they are all done. I will post more photos when they are done.