Thursday, May 20, 2010


I found the cutest little reusable bag this morning. So I set about making a practice one and will be making more. I have a couple changes I want to make to the construction, but other than that it is perfect. So this weekend I am off to find the perfect fabric for a girl I know and make her one for her Birthday. This is so small it will fit in just about any purse...woohoo.
The pattern and instructions can be found here...
It is very easy to make and takes very little time once you get going. I used scrap fabric we had left over from other things and an old drawstring for the pull cord.
Oh and it is wrinkled from being folded up...oops should have ironed before taking pictures. Not that it will ever get ironed

Monday, May 17, 2010


I started this shawl shortly after I fractured my wrist and really couldn't knit much. I decided I needed a light weight project that was easy to knit and could be put down and easy enough to figure out where I was when I picked it up again.
I knit this for a dear friend of mine. She has taught me to expand my horizons, to try lace and is always
encouraging me. We have spent many hours talking and sharing our lives. When I really needed someone to talk to this last year she was there no matter what. I wanted to say thank you in a special way. Little did I know she would need a hug real soon. I finished the knitting last night and had started the blocking this morning, great timing.
I used Caron Spa in Ocean Spray and used size 9 needles. I love the yarn, it is a bit splitty, but if you use sharp tipped needles all is fine. The pattern I got off Ravelry. I am so glad that I made this shawl and can see myself making it again. I would use it as a break project, you know a project to work on when you need a break from everything else on your needles.
Dear Friend, if you are reading this your mail :).

Monday, May 10, 2010


My daughter moved out about 3 weeks ago. That left us with an empty room. I had had a girly room a couple years ago when my son moved out, but then he moved home and I was room less. I now have a room of my own again....woohoo.
This time I went more grown up. The pictures don't show the color well, it is a nice soft yellow, frosted lemon by Berh paint with white in the closet and the window. The chair is my great find off craigslist....$5.00 and the bookcase was $20.00, it is going to get stained the same color as the baseboards and the shelves. All I have to do is finish moving the rest of my yarn and knitting supplies in there and hubby needs to hang more shelves and the room is done. The window topper is actually my Great-Grandmothers' table cloth just laid across the curtain rod and tied up with lace/bead ribbon. Oh and the painting on the wall, the only picture in there, was my Mother's Day gift from DD. She painted it for me, her best work yet. The black shelves you see next to the chair is coming out, it just won't work.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here for a short time

Our "adopted" son has been here for the last week and a half. He is just returning from Afghanistan, this was his 3 tour of duty. While it was great to see him and spend some time with him it is sad to see him go. I hugged my "son" like there was no tomorrow when he left this evening. I am unusually tearful tonight and know that it is because of him leaving. There is nothing like sending a kid off to make a mom cry. He is heading over to see his dad and family then back to CA for new training then back to Afghanistan for a year.

We have nothing but respect for him and all the men and women fighting in these two wars. My heart breaks to see him leave us for another tour, but I know he is doing what he feels he needs to do.

Please pray for all the men and women in uniform. They don't have to do what they are doing and yet feel the need to serve our country knowing that they may die doing so.

Go safey into the night and return to us in one piece.

Much know there is a home here when ever you need or want one.

Stay safe Sam. We love you with all our hearts.