Friday, October 15, 2010


Goodbye Angel. You gave us many years of companionship, love and protection. You were a very sweet, loving, funny little girl. Our lives will be different without you here to share with.
Late last night our sweet little girl left us to cross the rainbow bridge. She is pictured here with Frank. Angel is the black and red doxie, front and center.
She was almost 12 yrs old. She loved Hartz hot dogs for her toy, she refused to play with any other squeaker toy. She was not fond of bones or raw hides, but give her a hot dog and she was all over it.
She was known as "killer" because she killed a truck inner tube that is used for floating the river. She was very protective, especially of Crystal.
She came into our home on Christmas morning 1998. She was a dream come true for Crystal.
She is now resting peacefully next to her dad in our backyard.
Goodbye baby girl, we will miss you terribly.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


On Sept 25 hubby and I spent the day at the coast. There is so much to see and do on the Oregon coast. I love walking the waterfronts of the tiny towns that dot the coast. The best part is depending on which town you can buy fresh seafood right off the boat. you get the best prices buying off the boats from the fishermen and know that the fish and crabs are fresh.

The above video was taken in Charleston. The seal was waiting for the fisherman to feed him some tuna scraps. He was great fun to watch. The seals have no problem getting right up to the edge of the slip and snorting on you. Below you sill see pictures of the rest of our day. We had a nice time just being together and enjoy the beauty of the coast.