Monday, May 11, 2009


I completed the Sipalu Bag. Well sort of, I have finished the knitting and am blocking it now, then I will line it.

I have really enjoyed working on this project. Oh so many colors, 17 to be exact.

I fell in love with it when I saw in the KnitPicks catalog, I wasn't going to order it but then they went and did something underhanded...they put it on clearance right after Christmas. What is a girl to do, but buy it. I mean hey great bag, new pattern using a newly learned technique and then to be on sale for 1/2 price...well I had to buy it, it would have been wrong to just let the kit sit there. I am so glad I did.

The kit comes with enough yarn to make at least 2 of the bags. I am considering making up another one. I know it won't be right away, I have to many other projects either started or in line to be started right away.

I do encourage anyone interested in learning fair isle to give this bag a try.