Saturday, December 4, 2010

Convertible Hat

I whipped this up for my dear friends' daughter. With winter here and her having to walk the dogs and living right by the river I thought the young girl could use something like this. This is a hat that can be untied and worn as a cowl. The cowl can be worn just around the neck or up over the nose and mouth.
I hope you enjoy making this as much as I did. If you make it and find any errors please share them with me.
Convertible Hat/Cowl

sz 11 16" circular needles
sz k crochet hook
tapestry needle
1 skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky ( have also done this with pattern with Thick and Quick yarn and used 50 sts and instead of k4 in the 4th and 37th rows I did k3)

Cast on 60 sts
r1- join and knit place marker and join
r2-3- purl
r4- *yo, k2tog, k4* rep around
r5-10- knit
r11-12- purl
r13-19- knit
r20-21- purl
r22-28- knit
r29-30- purl
r31-36- knit
r37- *yo, k2tog, k4* rep around
r38-39 purl
r40- knit
bind off and weave in ends

With crochet hook and yarn chain 2 drawstring long enough to go around the hat and tie in a bow.

Thread drawstrings through the eyelets. when worn as a hat the top drawstring is drawn to close up the top of the hat and tied in a bow. I tied the bottom drawstring in a loose bow as well. when worn as a cowl untie top of hat and slip down into place and tie loose bows.
Copyright 2010 Kimberly Bullock
Enjoy. Feel free to knit this for personal use. Do not sell the hat or pattern.