Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Lace Shawl

My dear friend Robbie talked me into to trying lace work, actually making a shawl. I knew she would be there to help me if I needed it or to just hold my hand long distance if need be. I am so glad that she
persuaded me to try this lovely skill on a larger scale than a dishcloth.

I have made lace dishcloths and bookmarks. Heck I even mad a that lovely bamboo shawl int he ripple pattern. This is different though, i used Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine color Boysenberry Mix. I picked this up at The Wool Company in Bandon while on our anniversary trip. I am not usually a purple person, i have nothing against purple, it just isn't my favorite color. So I was surprised when I kept returning to that hank of yarn. I figure I was drawn to it for a reason, now I know why.
Anyways I used that lovely yarn to knit up The Traveling Woman shawl. The pattern can be found here It is also available through Ravelry. It is a great pattern, easy enough to follow. She wrote it out and charted so everyone can make this beautiful shawl.
Robbie, thank you so much for encouraging me to try something new and fabulous. I owe you one!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


One of the highlights of our our coastal anniversary trip was the ocean was in her full glory. The video above shows just a little bit of the great waves that were happening. Shore Acres Park sits high on a cliff over looking the ocean below. The swells were 20 to 30 feet but once they hit the rocks the waves reached up to 200 ft in the air. It truly was magnificent to see. God is amazing with all the beauty he shares with us. I will post pics of the trip later but had to share is video now, enjoy.