Monday, May 17, 2010


I started this shawl shortly after I fractured my wrist and really couldn't knit much. I decided I needed a light weight project that was easy to knit and could be put down and easy enough to figure out where I was when I picked it up again.
I knit this for a dear friend of mine. She has taught me to expand my horizons, to try lace and is always
encouraging me. We have spent many hours talking and sharing our lives. When I really needed someone to talk to this last year she was there no matter what. I wanted to say thank you in a special way. Little did I know she would need a hug real soon. I finished the knitting last night and had started the blocking this morning, great timing.
I used Caron Spa in Ocean Spray and used size 9 needles. I love the yarn, it is a bit splitty, but if you use sharp tipped needles all is fine. The pattern I got off Ravelry. I am so glad that I made this shawl and can see myself making it again. I would use it as a break project, you know a project to work on when you need a break from everything else on your needles.
Dear Friend, if you are reading this your mail :).


Robbie said...

I may not be able to see very well right now but it isn't just the eye problems.. it is also the tears. The shawl is one of the best hugs I have ever gotten in my life. It would be so easy to slip into depression right now, the uncertainty (is that really a word?) of if I will regain my sight is scary beyond words.. but with some wonderful friends full of support I have faith I will be seeing and knitting soon.
You are a truely beautiful person inside and out and I thank the Good Lord above that we are friends.. we are sisters, just with different mothers.
When I called you while waiting for the surgeries you helped me hold it together, you helped me when I needed a friend more than ever. There are no words, I just pray you know what a wonderful friend you are.. and give S a big hug from me.

PBK KNITS said...

Ok so I have no idea who has more tears you or me. Thank you so much for the kind words. I hope that you know i feel the same about you. I am just grateful that I was able to make it to phone, soaking wet and all, to talk with you on Monday. Much Love my dea friend.

Roxee said...

I love this :)