Friday, January 15, 2010


My wonderful young niece, that I call Bug, asked me to fix the shrug i made her for Christmas several years ago. The thing was worn with love and falling apart so Auntie to the rescue, I made her a new one.
I love the colorway of this yarn. It really reminds me of her eyes. Wish I could have gotten a better picture. Red Heart Super Saver colorway:ocean, the pattern is from Berroco, Rena. The great thing about this little shrug is she can wear two different ways. Seam on the shoulders or down below the arms. She really liked it, that is the important thing.

I started Mr. Greenjeans way last summer. I had the issue with my arm that made it very painful to knit. He was put on the back burner even when I was able to knit again because he just weighed to much. In November I pulled the lovely sweater out of the bag and got busy finishing it. I am glad I did. I have worn it several times and love how it fits and feels. I might make this pattern again, not sure, but if I do i will be using a natural fiber so that I can properly block it. Yarn is Caron Simply Soft in Berry.

I have admired the Clapotis for a long time, it has been on my must do one day list every since I saw. So I went for it. I wish I could show a better picture but there is no one here to take a picture of me with it so the floor is the model. The color is more like the second picture midpoint. I used Cascade Sierra in color #06, salmon. I really like the yarn and will be looking to get more of it. I am planning on knitting this pattern again....the ripping of the stitches is so much fun....frogging with a purpose.

Okay so this one isn't completed but I wanted to share. Dear Son's friends are having a baby so I am knitting a sweater. This is Helena from Knitty. The yarn is Bernat Jacquard in Berries and Cream. I am planning on making the older sister a matching sweater. I hope the parents like the sweaters and hats when they are all done. I will post more photos when they are done.


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Your knitting is very lovely:)Hugs Darcy

PBK KNITS said...

Thank you Darcy, coming from you that means a lot.