Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So today is day number 9 of my journey of becoming a non smoker. For the most part I feel like I am doing pretty darn good.
Hubby smokes, that really made the weekend harder than I expected, but i sailed through with no stumbles. I won't lie I had some really strong cravings but was able to breath through them.
We went out to eat on Friday night and had some really great food. If there is ever a time a smoker wants a smoke it is after a wonderful meal. I have never understood this but it is the way the addiction works. So after dinner i fought off the craving by going for a short walk.
I even made it through finding out that our truck is going to take more than what we thought to repair it. Someone seems to think stopping is important when in a truck. It isn't the brakes, but the something or other for the anti lock brakes that is keeping the brakes from working correctly. I even managed to handle daughter telling us she is ready to move and has an apartment that she can move in to within a week.....shocked but happy.
I made it through yesterday just fine. All was well the cravings were almost not even there. Woohoo on the right path almost out of the woods.
Then this morning happened. One good yelling at from the son and I caved. Ok, I tried breathing, pointing out that his form of communication was unacceptable, tried talking to hubby, tried gum and I still couldn't fight it, so I had half a cigarette. I know I am still emotional weak and am working on that. Cigarettes have been my emotional crutch for many years, I fell back into old habits. I have picked myself up and brushed myself off and am back on track. Now how does one get the itching to stop.
I still have a lot of work to do on the emotional end of things, but am hanging in there. I need to find a new way to deal with the nasty part of life. I don't think most smokers realize how much they depend on cigarettes in times of stress and discontent.
If anyone is actually reading this and has a good idea for dealing with the emotional side of things PLEASE let me know.

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