Monday, September 27, 2010


I have been knitting alot lately. Ok no more than normal, it just seems like it since I have so many projects going at once. I have managed to finish a couple things and wanted to share them.
First up the last KAL from the Knook, it is a great dishcloth that is covered in butterflies. Very pretty. The color is way off in the picture, I used a nice Burgundy cotton.

The next is a baby hat and sweater. Hubby came home on Wednesday and told me that we were in invited to a baby shower for a friends' daughter on Saturday. Oops, better get knitting, oh wait heading to the coast on Saturday, but still better get knitting. Thursday I cast on for the sweater, finished the body, then Friday finished off the sleeves. Woohoo mostly done, just make the hat, 2 hours on Sunday and sew on the delivered to Grandma today. Not bad, pretty proud of the timeline.

I used Bernat Baby Jacquard in I am a Big Boy colorway.

The pattern is from entitled Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater Designed by Carole Barenys. Very easy to make, the only problem was the pattern doesn't state how long to make the sleeves, so I had to search for the typical length. Other than that great pattern. I have saved it for future use.

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