Monday, August 23, 2010


I entered 5 items in the fair this year.
Over all I did fairly well. I received 4 ribbons and a donor award.
Scott's zip front cardigan- First place
Swirl shawl - Second place
Crocheted shopping bag - Third place
Chicken (aka-Ms. Thing)- Third place and Donor award
Sipalu bag- did not place.
The only one I am really disappointed in and still trying to figure out is the Sipalu bag. After seeing the items it was up against I just don't understand the ruling but will accept it as being so. I do wish that our fair would do as others and allow us to be present for the judging and maybe even give you a critique sheet. It hink that the feed back would be wonderful.
I will just have to try harder next year. Actually Scott and I have talked about it and we think that one of us will be entering some of our photographs and maybe some baked good. Yep, hubby is thinking of entering his mouth watering, melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies.

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