Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yard Project

We have a nice sized back yard and for several years we have had flower beds here and there. Last year we connected two of the beds together to make one big one. Scott and I have talked about doing this for a long time, so we were happy with the results but knew it could be better.

During the fall Scott started planning out how he would like to see the yard done. I figured it might happen but did count on it just because we have done this before. We make the plans and then don't always do the work. So when he started talking about again a couple weeks ago I was a bit surprised.

Then he ordered the plants for the garden. so I knew we would be digging. We spent 3 hours on Sunday skimming grass and preparing for the new soil. We were smart this time and used an edger to cut the outline of the garden and then Scott cut cross hatches in the inside so it would make the remove easier to do. It was so much easier this way than the old dig and skim method that we have used in the past.

After we removed the sod we then added new soil, rich in nitrogen so the flowers will grow like crazy. We still have a bit of heavy weeding to do on the one end of the bed. So we are waiting for the plants to come and then all we have to do is plant and add bark.
I thought I had before pictures to show but once again I forgot to take any. But it is pretty easy to tell what we did. If you look in the picture you will see the dark soil, that is where we dug. Oh and if you go to the video of Frank you can see how it was in the background. I will post new photos once the planting is done.

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