Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Update on my life

So I see that it has been some time since I posted anything on here, boy has life been busy and ever changing!!! Where to start? We have a new member to our family. Scott and I adopted a 2 yr old male mini doxie. He came to us with an abusive background but you would never know it, he is the best dog. We absolutely love him, he is smart, well behaved, a real little lover and a quick study. His name is Frank, what else would you name a solid red wiener dog?!?!?! The first pic is the day we brought Frank home and the second pic is about a month later.

I lost my girlie room, just after I had gotten almost complete :( Our son moved back home exactly 10 months to day he moved out. It was also his 20th birthday, as you may guess he didn't have the best birthday.

I have taught myself to crochet. I made the same hat twice. The first one turned out way to small and the second one fits me. I also crocheted a dishcloth. I enjoy crocheting but LOVE knitting. I have completed many projects in the last couple of months. Let see, 2 pairs of socks, 3 hats, a toddler sweater, a sweater for me, several dishcloths, and I am currently working on a wrap. So you can see I have been busy on the knitting front. The first pic is the one that was to small, and the second pic is the one that fits ME.

My wrap, I am using Bamboo yarn for this, and just love it.

We leave for Reno soon. I can't wait, a long weekend, well closer to a week away. Just my darling husband and I. No kids, no pets and no phones. YAY!!! I have a list of LYS to stop at and can't wait.

I am tired and sore tonight, I started back in a water aerobics class. I took a shallow water class last year and loved it, but life got in the way and I had to drop it. So I have decided to take a deep water class 2 mornings a week now and boy there is a difference between the deep water and shallow water class. I can see why it is only 2 mornings a week...LOL. I felt great when i was done but hours later I am feeling the muscles and know that I worked out, that's a good thing, right?

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nancy shea said...

Kim, Frank is adorable! It's neat to see the progress of your bamboo wrap. I really like the pattern. You amaze me at how you can just pick up a crochet hook and make hats right away.
I hope you and Scott have a wonderful time in Reno and I look forward to hearing about the different LYS'.
Thank you for being you.