Monday, April 14, 2008

A New Bag

I wanted to knit a new bag to take to Reno, but couldn't find the perfect bag so I borrowed some ideas from several bags and made my own from a combo of bags.
I used the stitch pattern from one, the idea of a flap from another and the over the shoulder strap from yet another. So what does that make....take a look.

I still have to make the button and line the bag but I think it turned out great. I am going to make a button from part of the apple tree we had to take out last year. Our kids helped us plant the tree in our yard shortly after we moved into our house, I thought the apple wood would give the bag a nice natural feel. I used Sugar 'n Cream in Ecru from a cone.
I used seed stitch on the sides and bottom and then used what I beleive is called a s cord for the strap. The s cord is so eazy and has a nice finish. I used 9 stitches, you knit the first 5 and then slip the next 4, turn and repeat. It looks like you have done i cord on each side with a ladder look in between.

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Nancy Shea said...

Kim, Your bag is gorgeous!! Nice work :-)

Hope you have a fabulous time on your trip!

Nancy in OR