Thursday, April 3, 2008


So I made a crocheted spa cloth today! I couldn't believe how fast it went and even how easy it was to do. I used Sugar 'n Cream Twists in Summer Twists. I know the color is difficult to see in the photos so I will describe it as a lavender, soft green, tan and white twisted combo. It is very pretty and made a wonderful cloth. The pattern I used is Tulip Stitch Cloth the pattern can be found here: Hers of course is much prettier than mine but I still love mine.

I also made a flower pin for the hat I made earlier this week. I love the colors and it should go with most things.


Shakadal said...
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JoyB said...

LOVE IT!! Also love that cute hat pin. Can you give me the directions for that one?I think I could do that one too. Hugs JoyB