Monday, August 27, 2007

We Have Eyes!!!

Let me start by giving weight updates. All the new measurements where taken on Sunday Aug 26 around noon, the measurements are about 48 hours from the previous. Kitten A 6.5 oz, Kitten B 5.5 oz, Kitten C 6.5 and Kitten D 6 oz. I was a bit worried about kitten C but last night and today I have found the secret to feeding him, you have to hold him flat on your lap and let him find the bottle, just like his momma's nipple. He really is fun to feed since he gets so excited about his food and talks to the bottle the during the entire feeding.

Now the exciting news, we have eyes!!! They started opening up this morning, I figure their eyes should be completely open by tomorrow. We now figure them to be anywhere from 9 to 12 days old, I really think that they are only 9 days.

We called the Emergency Vet Hospital over the weekend to double check on the babies progress. The staff there informed us that we are doing everything right and should end up with a healthy bunch of kitties. They told us that judging by the fact that some still had the cord attached and their eyes were closed that they were mostly likely only 2 or 3 days old when Scott found them. I am just so grateful that Scott found them.

They had a bath today. Since they are going potty on their own now, they tend to have "stuff" on them that just won't come off with a good wipe down. So I gave them a bath and then blow dried them, they are little fluff balls. They will have long hair.

It's feeding time, so I will update again in a couple of days.


Yvette said...

We reared five puppies that some bastard had thrown , in a sack, off a high bridge, into a creek! Seven in the sack, two died!

The trick to keeping their little botties clean - is before and after feeding. just like mom, you take a ball of cotton, dampen it, and gently swab their little bottoms and their etcs, and then they will do their business quickly and you can keep them cleaner.

You are like me and my husband, we take in all sorts of strays - I was so mad that day we found the puppies I swore and cursed and cried and kicked the car to relieve my feelings!

I cannot bear such cruelty!

with love


PBK KNITS said...

Good for you Yvette, did you keep any? Yep have done the bootie trick but last night they started going on their own and were covered on the lower half of their bodies so a good little bath they got. They were so fluffy when I got done drying them.