Friday, August 24, 2007

kitten update

So below are some pictures and stats on each of the kittens. There is one female and 3 males, one solid dark grey, one darker grey and white, and 2 lighter grey and white. The solid grey one looks to have a smoochy face while the others have more normal faces. They are all eating very well and moving about, which yesterday afternoon they weren't doing.

Kitten A, male, weighing in at 5.5 oz. He is the only solid grey one.

Kitten B, female, she weighs in at 4.7 oz. She is a little eater, but we are noticing that her appetite is growing, good news there.

Kitten C, male, weighs in at a whooping 6 oz. he has part of the cord still attached. He has a voice and will be heard above everyone else!!!!

Kitten D, male weighing in at 4.75 oz as you can see he still has part of the cord attached. Quite the little porker when eating, hoping this means he will start growing.


Knitty Laura said...

oooooh. How sweet.... They're beautiful. You are so lucky to have them. I have a question. How do you get them to suck the bottle? I have never had good luck with that. Is there a trick to it?? Over the weekend, my daughter and I found three beautiful little kitties someone dropped off by a trash can next to the business that is by by house. Our hearts fell. Naturally we took them in. They are not as small as yours these look to be about a month old and can eat kitten food and will drink water. But they are so sweet. I just don't understand why people are so heartless as to do things like that to animals. It just upsets me. Any way, so proud of your babies, they are trully beautiful.

PBK KNITS said...

I have found that by getting just a drop of milk on the nipple and gently forcing it in their mouth usually works. While the nipple is in their mouth gently squeeze the bottle to help get the milk flowing. Sometimes you have to continue with the squeezing. I also feed one a little then go to the next then so on, when I have feed all of them I go and start over. This ensures that they all get their fill.

Bless you and your daughter for saving them. Good luck with them.