Saturday, May 12, 2007

Now For The Paint

So last Friday I managed to get the rest of the walls spackled, sanded, and textured. Then on Saturday after working on the boat with my DH, I came in and started painting my craft room. I got the first coat on on Saturday. DH painted the ceiling on Sunday after church. When the ceiling was dry I put the second coat on. Below you can see the final results. This is just the base color, I have a couple more colors, and a couple of design elements left before you see the final stage of the walls.

The room has my cat Tootsie's seal of approval. She probably spends more time in there than I do right now ...LOL. Tootsie's favorite color just happens to be bright pink, so I guess she thinks that this is her room.

I had a bit of an accident on Monday and haven't been able to knit, paint, type or even do house work. Well sorta not do house work. I bruise a bone in my forearm and was told by the doctor to give it a rest, ice and not use it until it felt better. Now this might not seem like a big deal or even like a mini vacation but, I am making DD and felted handbag for prom. Prom is next Saturday so I have a knitting deadline. I like to be done with time to spare, I hate deadlines they always make me feel pressured. Well the arm was feeling better yesterday so I started knitting last night and hope to have it finished by Monday evening. Of course I don't have any knitting friends around here to help me out so I really hope I get it done for her.

I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day!!!

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