Monday, May 14, 2007

Here It Is!!!!!!!

Okay so most of the painting is done!!!! I am so excited about this room, I finally get to do a room however I want and not worry about what it says to anyone else because it is mine. I feel like a little kid when I say that, LOL. So below are some pictures of the room, almost done, I did load in the exercise equipment and some of my craft things and the 2 chairs that I will be using in there.

The chair with Tootsie in it will be recovered in the chenille bedspread that she is laying on, and the rocker is my $5.00 garage sale find that I will be painting and recovering as well. I found the perfect fabric at JoAnn's and will go get some later this month. The shelves are being painted as I type and the TV will be going up in the corner on a stand kinda like in the hospital. I am looking for the right rug, and lamp. I have the valance all picked out just have to make it.

The little table in between the chairs is one hubby bought me a last weekend to go in "The Girlie Room". He just laughs when he looks in there shakes his head and says"as long as you are happy with it, and I like that it makes you smile." Aren't I lucky!?!?!?!?

I can't wait to get the shelves done and my yarn stash in there. I still have a lot left to do and will keep sharing as I go.So let me know what you think.

Oh sorry I forgot to set the camera date when I changed the batteries.


Alli Barrett said...

I love it!! What a fun room and it's ALLLL YOURRSSS!! hehehehe .. I'll be making David's room over this next year too and will try to remember show the blow by blow transformation on my blog! Giggles

JillyBean said...