Friday, July 11, 2008


Boy am I behind on posting. Last month my dear friend Joy and I finally met face to face.

Joy, Jason, Scott and I all went to dinner on Friday night and had a great time.

She came to town for the Black Sheep Gathering. I was blessed with being able to spend all of Saturday with her and exploring BSG and just getting to know each other. It truly feel my life is blessed for having met Joy and become friends with her.

Thank You Joy for just being who you are!!! Hugs to you!!!


Rachel said...

Hey Kim!

I'm so glad that you and Joy were able to hook up! How wonderful! You guys looks so good! I noticed you were wearing your gorgeous shawl and cute bag that you made!! They look real good too!


PBK KNITS said...

It was wonderful to met Joy!!! Rachel, if it wasn't for you and the group I never would have met her. Thank you for that special gift.

Lil Knitter said...

Awww....I miss I could meet up with some my online friends. I bet meeting Joy was a fun time. She's such a sweet, funny gal.

I love that's beautiful!!
Good look so pretty.