Saturday, January 27, 2007

Knit Picks order

I went to the Library and found the book "Classic Knits for Real Women" by Martin Storey and Sharon Brant. While looking and drooling over most of the sweaters in the book I fell in love with this sweater, it is the beaded jacket, it has a twin of sorts, the twin has more of a blazer collar. I knew I had to knit this jacket, but I want the shirt collor without the beads.
Hubby said to place the order and while I was at it order a pair of the knit picks needles. We have discussed at great length if I should get the options or not, I decided the best thing would be to try a pair of needles and go from there.
I received my package on Thursdeay afternoon, the only problem was I had promised myself not to start on my sweater until hubby's socks were done. Boy talk about hard, I sat down to finish the sock and every little bit I would stop to finger the yarn, and look longingly at it. I finished gusset to toe on Thursday night at 11:25 hubby was sporting his new sock.
Friday morning I got up and had all my house work done by 10:30, I was swatching by 11, and casting on around 11:30. I will post more pics in a couple of days.
I chose To use Merino Style yarn from Knit Picks in Storm, for the sweater. I haven't found the buttons yet, I'm thinking either pearl or I have a set of pewter buttons that would look great. Just not sure yet. I know that the farther along I get with the sweater, the easier it will be to pick the buttons.


LDSVenus said...

Will be looking forward to pictures of your progress. I know the feeling of wanting (actually NEEDING) to start that project that keeps calling your name while you are trying to finish something else ;P.

Emily said...

Isn't always fun to start something new? And I love Knitpicks! I have the whole set of Options Needles and love them. I'll be using them for everything I can.