Saturday, January 27, 2007

January mid month KAL

So I finished the January Mid-Month KAL, but not without issues. The pattern is great and was easy enough to knit up, but on as I was finishing up the last 2 days of rows I should not have been knitting.
I was stressed and thought well knitting helps me relax so I should just finish up the cloth, next thing I know my favorite set of sz 7 needles are in 3 pieces instead of 2. I wanted to cry, but instead I grabbed a pair of long sz 7 and finished up.
When hubby came home I showed him the set and after checking to make sure they weren't a pair of bamboo needles that he got me for my Bday, he said "well just go get a set of the bamboo needles."
I love my Hubby, he is so supportive of whatever I want to do. One of our favorite things to do is go to second hand store and dig around, he is always looking for knitting things for me. He asks what needles I need or want and then looks for them. He also always looks at the yarn that they have, you wouldn't believe the great yarn I have gotten at ST. Vinny's.

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