Monday, January 28, 2013

The Hat Project

I have started a special project.  "The Hat Project", I am knitting and crocheting hats for others this year.  My goal is at least 73 before Jan 3, 2013.  So far I have managed to complete 18.  If you check back here over the next year I will be sharing hats made and maybe even some patterns of my own. 
For now here's what I have completed.
2 Honey hats
1 Amanda hat
1 basic beanie

7 micro/preemie hats
7 crocheted preschooler

I am hoping to finish 7 more of the preschooler hats this week to send to the school that my DD works at.  The kids really need hats on when they play outside, but most of them don't have a hat. 

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