Friday, April 8, 2011

Heart Made Comfortghans

In January Scott had to have surgery to remove a cyst from his neck/jaw area. Someone was so kind and contacted Heart Made Blankets and asked that they send him a comfortghan. We were both so moved by this act of kindness. It did a lot to lift his spirits. It also just happened to feature one of his favorite This blanket is a work of art.

Then in Febraury when we were scared that I had Cancer someone requested one be sent to me. I was very moved that someone did this for me. I just realized that I hadn't mentioned it to any of my friends. I hope who ever did this can forgive me for the oversight. I was so overwhelmed with all that was happening. I have to say I feel kind of guilty having been given this blanket, I was lucky enough not to have had anything serious wrong. Thank you whoever did this for me/us, we carry your kindness in our hearts.

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