Monday, February 16, 2009


Our Valentine's Day was pretty special this year. My darling husband read about a little church on the coast that host a renewal ceremony on Valentine's Day. So the wonderful man made all the arrangements for us to be part of it.

He didn't fill me in on his plans until the last minute so to speak. We spent the day at the coast playing and taking our time getting to Yachats, Oregon where the Log Church Museum is, which is where the ceremony took place.

On the way we had to stop just north of Sea lion caves to get a picture of Hecta Head Lighthouse. And look for sea lions below, but there weren't any out playing.

Then we stopped at Devil's Churn and hiked part of the trail and watched the waves.

This is the mouth of the inlet, once the tide comes in most of the black rocks are covered.

The tide is coming in can you tell. The waves crash up through an inlet and blow sea water up in the air giving everyone a shower.

We ended up getting to Yachats about an hour before the ceremony so we went and got ourselves some coffee to help warm us. We found a nice quiet bench on the side of the road and sat watching the waves come in. It was such a peaceful place to just sit and be together watching the waves. We both enjoy the coast and watching the waves.

Before we knew it, it was time to get to the church.

This little gem of church is an actual log church. It was used as a church and a schoolhouse for many years.

There was a Celtic harpist. She played wonderful music before the ceremony. Then the Ministry spoke a bit about the group gathered. There was about 29 couples renewing their marriage vows. She estimated there was 627 yrs of marriage in the room. How could you not feel special there.

The two couples sitting in the pew a head of us had 98 yrs between

After Minister Mary spoke a bit she then had the harpist play again. She asked us to do a sing along. I had to try really hard not to giggle, because she had 29 couples singing "Love Me Tender" by Elvis. I just found it so darn funny.

Once the sing along was done Minister Mary had us all stand and face our spouse and repeat a vow of renewal. We basically just pledge to continue to honor our vows and to spend the rest of our lives loving each other. It was really very sweet.

One of the couples in front of us had most of their family there with them. All the kids and grown grandkids renewed their vows with them. What a wonderful thing to do as a family, to honor the golden anniversary for them.

Once we were done we slowly wondered back down the coast making our way home safe and sound. We did stop to watch the sun set over the ocean. How could we not!?!?!

This was the best Valentine's Day we have had. Not because of the things we did but because my husband loves me enough to think that I would be touched by us renewing our commitment to one another. I feel so very loved and appreciated.

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JoyB said...

Oh Man that is soooo awesome. You got a keeper in that Scott. I snagged the pic of the two of you to print and have at my desk so it doesn't feel like we are so far apart.
Love the both of you.. Hugs. JoyB
P.S. Still waitin on the wine LOLOLOL