Saturday, June 14, 2008


So The guys went fishing today. Barry took Scott up to Carmen Reservoir, which is up the McKenzie river. It is a beautiful place to go. The scenery is incredible, the fishing is plentiful and you rarely have a bad time.

Scott started taking the kids and I up there years ago. This a place of many fond childhood memories for him and he wanted to share it with us. I am so grateful that he did. Now our son is taking him there and one day may take his own son.

Anyways on to the good stuff. They brought home 7 wonderful trout. The biggest is 16 inches and the smallest is 8 inches. Have a look at the beautiful fish that will go into our freezer for the winter.

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JoyB said...

So Kim what are you trying to say? My fish was just as cute ( maybe cuter) LOL. Some day I might catch one big enough not to use as an esrring LOL Hugs. JoyB