Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Knitting Update

This was a different Christmas for us, the kids are adults now and things are changing. They have always opened one gigft before bed on Christmas Eve to help ease the excitement, it was usually pj's or something like that. This year with our DS living on his own we weren't so sure he would be here for that. He showed up around 9, the kids opened their gifts, pj pants made by me. We thought that DS would be going back home and then come over in the morning. NOPE my baby boy decided to spend the night at "home". What a wonderful gift to us.
So Christmas Day was different, the kids had places to go, people to see. We opened gifts in the morning, and then the kids took off to do their thing. We had both of them back at home for dinner and then DD took off again. Hubby and DS spent the evening watching a stupid movie and I spent it knitting.
Hubby had bought me 2 skeins of Lamb's Pride in Coffee Au Latte to knit up a hat. I did too. I found a pattern online at that I fell in love with so I chose that one.
I wish I could show you before pictures but when I uploaded all our Christmas pictures I managed to loose them all...ugh. So here is a picture of the finished product.
I decided that hubby needed a new bowling towel, he bowls on a league. His old towel is getting thread bear. So I found a pattern called "Let's Bowl" by Knits by Rachel. I knitted up on pattern leaving off the border at the top and then working the pattern from the last line to the first line. The towel turned out great, hubby can't wait to use it tonight. Take a look.

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