Thursday, June 28, 2007

Update on my life

I realized this morning that I haven't posted in over a month. I don't have a good excuse other than just plain to busy to post.

So I will update for anyone who bothers to read my blog on my life.

On May 26 my wonderful daughter turned 18, boy was that a hard pill to swallow. Hubby and I made the whole day about her. We took her shopping, then she went out to the boyfriends house for a couple hours then we took the 2 of them to dinner at her favorite spot, RED ROBINS.

Then 2 weeks later she went and graduated with honors. We are very proud of her and all her hard work. In our lovely state we have a program called CIM and CAM, which is pretty well useless, but we have it and daughter received both her CIM and CAM. This requires extra work on the students part, they have to choose a field and complete extra tasks for the CAM, the CIM is all based on testing and meeting or exceeding state standards.

Here she is with the boyfriend with their diplomas. She cried the whole ceremony.

So hubby and I decided we needed to paint the house, now we have talked about this project for about 3 years. Then our neighbors said that they were going to paint last year so we talked with them and waited to pick our color until they picked theirs. The neighbors just happened to want both the main colors we did. So we spent the next year trying to find the right colors for us. They went with our second choice which was good, I really did want yellow and not tan.

So daughter and I decided on June 18th to start painting. We figured about a week and we would have all the main color on and hubby could do the trim. Boy were we wrong. This darn house and the darn color requires 2 count them 2 coats to get good coverage. Here it is June 28th and I still have about 36 feet left to finish up the second coat on. I have had a paint brush or roller in my hand everyday but 2 for the last 10 days. I no longer love yellow, I no longer want a freshly painted house, I no long enjoy painting and I want to be done. I do have to say though it does look good. We still have to do the trim work and that will be white the exact same white as our new vinyl windows. Have a look.

When we came home from church on Fathers Day we found out that our cat made a new friend. She spent about 3 hours talking with the bird. The silly thing (bird) never moved, it just hung out in this same spot all day.

And the last is the saddest of all, Our wonderful dog Taz, died on Monday, June 25th at about 6:15 pm. He was 11 1/2 years old and lived a very full life. His passing has caused a big void in our lives. We will never be able to replace him, he truly was a one of a kind.

We miss you baby boy. You filled our lives with joy and love.

So that my friends is my life for the last 4 weeks in a nutshell.

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